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Slow Cooker Pulled Butter Chicken

Served with Coconut-Lime Brown Rice, Roasted Peanuts, & Sweet Potato

Slow Cooker Pulled Butter Chicken with Coconut-Lime Brown Rice, Roasted Peanuts, and Sweet Potato

So here is some real talk. This was an easy and inexpensive recipe that I made for my meal prep using Aldi Cook House Butter Chicken Sauce. I was excited when I found this sauce along with its two other varieties, Korma and Tikka Masala. I love Indian food and have enjoyed butter chicken dishes while dining out, particularly the vegan rendition at Aman's Artisan Indian Cuisine in historic downtown Easton, PA.

Although I enjoyed this recipe, it was no fine dining experience. My expectations were a little too high for this sauce. It is definitely great in a pinch, but I found the flavor to be a bit lackluster. Although I added garlic and ginger to the recipe, I will be doctoring up the sauce more to give it a flavor boost. I am thinking some fresh basil, coconut milk, smoked paprika, and even more garlic and ginger to give it more body and depth.


2 - 15oz jars Aldi Cook House Butter Chicken Sauce

4 to 6 boneless skinless chicken breasts

2 medium green zucchinis, sliced & quartered

1 medium red onion, sliced

1 jalapeño, seeded & diced

3 green onions, sliced thin

4 gloves garlic, minced

2 tbsp fresh ginger, minced

Kosher salt & black pepper


  1. Prepare the vegetables: Slice the vegetables and place into separate bowls. Mince the garlic and ginger and place into separate bowls. Set aside.

  2. Prepare the chicken: Trim off any excess fat and skin using a sharp knife. Tenderize the chicken with a meat tenderizer. Lightly season both sides of each breast with kosher salt and black pepper.

  3. Add a thin layer of Butter Chicken sauce to the bottom of a large slow cooker. Layer in the vegetables and stir to combine with the sauce. Lay two or three prepared chicken breasts on top of the mixture. Continue with the remaining ingredients.

  4. Once all the ingredients are layered in the slow cooker, add a small amount of water to each of the sauce jars, close them, and shake them up. Pour into the slow cooker. Cover and cook on low for 8 to 9 hours until chicken is cooked completely.

  5. Remove the chicken from the sauce and shred with a fork. Place the shredded chicken back in the sauce and allow to sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes before serving.

Aldi Cook House Indian Sauces Assorted Varieties - Tikka Masala, Korma, and Butter Chicken


Butter Chicken - A creamy tomato simmer sauce with almonds and smoked paprika

Korma - A creamy yellow simmer sauce with spices and coconut

Tikka Masala - A tomato-based simmer sauce with ginger and coriander

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